Dell Inspiron N5010 Specs and drivers download for windows 7/8/10

By | March 24, 2017

Are you looking for Dell Inspiron N5010 specs? You can access easily, all the daily task and stay you connected with the online world. Dell Inspiron N5010 provides smooth performance and give you quick access to your much-loved videos, music and photos. The Dell Inspiron specs will discuss about the laptop is equipped with the VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, headphone jack. Microphone jack, 4 USB port and 6 cell lithium ion battery.

dell inspiron n5010 specs

Dell Inspiron N5010 Specs:

Display and Resolution:

The first point in the Dell Inspiron specs is about display. The display of this laptop is very attractive with 15.6 inch LED, 1366*768 HD WLED True-life pixel screen and with 16:9 aspect ratio. It is much better than previous version.


The next thing in Dell Inspiron specs is about the processor, you can power with two type of processor to your laptop

The first type of processor is intel core i3 , process model with 370M and with speed of 2.40 Ghz. It is provided with hyperthreading, simultaneously 4 threads are processed. The cache for process is 3 MB, thus it increases processing speed and make your laptop to work smoothly.

The second type is intel core i5 processor and process model is 430M. this processor is also provided with hyperthreading. This process is much faster than i3 processor.


Dell Inspiron N5010 has Intel HM57 chipset express.

Memory and Storage:

The next point in dell inspiron n5010 specs is about the memory and storage. This laptop has RAM of 2 GB and 4GB as per i3 and 15 processors respectively with DDR3 memory type.

The hard disc of Dell Inspiron N5010 i3 is 250 GB with RPM of 5400 and Hard disc of Dell Inspiron N5010 i5 is 500 GB with 5400 RPM.

Graphics card:

The graphics card of i3 processor is Intel(R) HD graphics and it has shared dedicated graphic memory and the graphic card of i5 processor is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 and with 1 GB dedicated graphic memory.

Optical Drive:

The next point dell inspiron N5010 spec discussed about optical drive. The optical drive for this laptop for both the processor is DVD Reader/Writer. You can burn data easily from CD or DVD.


The dell inspiron N5010 spec of both processor is equipped with Bluetooth, WLAN and Wi-Fi, this will help to transfer the data easily from the other device to your laptop and visa-versa.


The laptop is provided with built in 2 speakers with 2 Watt each and it is also provided with in built microphone so that you can hear the music smoothly and properly.


The next point in Dell Inspiron N5010 specs is about Interface.

dell inspiron N5010 i5 specification

1- Ethernet/RJ5

1- VGA Port

4-  USB 2.0 Port


1- Headphone Jack

1- Microphone Jack

dell inspiron N5010 i3 specification

1- Ethernet/RJ5

1- VGA Port

3- USB 2.0 Port


1- Headphone Jack

1- Microphone Jack

 Slot and Camera:

The dell inspiron n5010 i3 specs and dell inspiron n5010 i5 specs has both card reader and camera. The dell inspiron n5010 i5 spec has 7-in-1 card reader.

Weight and Battery life:

The weight of the laptop is approximately 2.7 Kg and the battery life of the laptop is 48 hours. 

Operating System:

The Operating system of dell inspiron N5010 specs is Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium.

These are the Dell Inspiron N5010 specs.If you are user of N5010 feel free to comment your experience with this laptop so that we can add more and more specs about it and help our visitors to make wise purchase.

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